Address Verification

Address verification is required to communicate with the candidate. It is useful during pre-hiring, post hiring and after the relieving, where company needs to send some documents. In some cases it is useful in sending annual gifts and at times during emergencies. Verifying candidate's address is also helpful in tracing a candidate in cases of absconding following his/her misconduct at workplace.

As the permanent addresses are registered in government records, verifying will be easy to track candidates when they are involved in criminal activities. Verifying present address is helpful in communicating with the candidate where his action is needed instantly and in some cases when the HR of a company needs to provide address proof letters which are useful for mortgage loans, rental purposes and applying for credit cards. In this case if a HR issues address proof letter which has a non-verified present communication address, and if the candidate happens to misuse it, then it is a threat to the company which issued unverified address proof letters. We have a wide network where our field officers are stationed across India to authenticate candidate's present/permanent address. We cross verify details provided by candidates along with candidate's period of stay by enquiring the neighbors and taking their signatures.