Criminal Verification

There are around 16000 police stations across India. Criminal verification on a candidate is usually done from his local police station alone; but candidate might have committed some criminal activity in another area which falls under a different police jurisdiction, which is not traced in police verification as it does not cover all 16000 police stations.

Recently home minister Mr. SushilKumar Shinde has launched a Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS), which is aimed to connect these 16000 police stations across India to share the data among police stations. However, this is a pilot project and may not be assure accurate level of criminal record information. Our advisory panel consists of prominent retired IPS officers who have designed a process for this criminal verification which is different from the process followed by other background verification companies that do not make efficient criminal checks. Our process is designed in such a way that it yields the best results on every criminal check we do.