Educational check

In any area of business, there is a need for qualified professionals with advanced skills to understand and deliver client requirements and meet their expectations.Therefore, before hiring, candidates should be screened thoroughly to check if he is qualified to suit the business requirements. Fullscan verifies your candidate's educational degrees and certificates or enrollment from all universities, colleges, and high schools across India and Internationally. Our education verification service confirms your candidate's type of degree or certificate, graduation date, attendance dates, and any graduating honor.

Following are the reasons where and how candidates fake their educational certificates.

  • In terms of their year of joining and pass out year.
  • When they have gaps in their educational career due to various reasons.
  • Their educational certificate due to discontinuation of their academic career.
  • In their percentage of marks secured to compete in the market.
  • in their technical training certifications.

Our Approach:

We check every detail of a candidate that he is claiming for. we even check every inch of every certificate provided by a candidate, as there is a possibility of duplicate certificates, which includes improper logo and other details. We also check if a candidate has a gap in his educational tenure due to any reason. All the details including subject marks will be cross verified and final report will be generated based on the comments given by the university agents. We provide sufficient proofs as supporting documents for the verification done on a candidate.