Employment Verification

Candidates fake their employment details to attain better social status by getting a good job. Previous employment verification has to be done without fail to check if a candidate has the capability to handle the responsibilities which will be assigned when hired. if a candidate fails to meet up to the expectations, it is a huge loss to the company as it has invested it's valuable time and money in recruiting, training and finding him a proper position. Company has to find a better resource as a replacement for which it has to repeat the process of hiring - definitely a loss. We recommend every employer to verify candidate's previous employment details thoroughly which helps them to grow their business.

Our research has found following reasons why and where the Employees fake their employment details.

  • Gaps in their employment
  • Fake their experience when there is a Gap after graduation
  • Fake their pay to get better compensation.
  • Fake their skill sets when there is a demand for that particular skill in market.
  • Fake their designation, roles and responsibilities.
  • Fake awards and recognitions which they claim to have received in previous company.
  • Fake about certifications achieved in their previous organizations.