About Us

About US

FullScan is a young, dynamic, professional, technology-driven background verification firm running towards finishing a decade in the industry. We offer to our clients, a wide range of services in the domain, into three key verticals of Employee Verification, Vendor Assessment, CSR Impact Assessment Studies.

The Firm aims to uncomplicate the overall background verification process to clients of various industries and sizes and make the outputs meticulous through clearly defined processes, balances and checks to ensure that every micro detail is taken care of.

Overtime, FullScan has explored ways to simply things to its clientele, continued to innovate and had leveraged technology to develop its own products to help its clients save time, cost and effort. FullScan had developed tools such as as easyAboard, WorkTenure, Mobile Application for field Verification.

With a 700+ on-field and off-field staff, with a Pan India coverage, FullScan services for clients across India and works with top notch clientele across the sectors including MNCs.

Our client relationships define our strength. We have been successful in retaining all our clients over our tenure that reflects our inclination to step beyond our comfort zones to ensure customer satisfaction in each and every mandate we handled till date.

With a vision to bypass the geographical boundaries and extend its services to clients across various part of the larger region, FullScan is going full throttle with continuously improving its services, innovating and expanding

Vision& Mission

To emerge into a globally identified trustworthy technology-driven BGV firm


To provide trustworthy, consistently zero error, on-time, reliable and competitively priced business services to the clients across various industries by leveraging technology, people and relationships.

To make BGV accessible, reliable and less complicated by use of technology-driven customized solutions to clients across various industries and various sizes

To expand into geographies beyond India in the next five years to provide workable solutions to clients across Asia


Our ethos emerge from the objective of providing verifiable, reliable and consistently zero-error solutions to our Clients. To respect the confidentiality of personal and professional data of the Clients and their accounts by leveraging secured technology solutions To respect the time and cost considerations as well as our own employee wellbeing to be able to provide a stress-free and motivating work environment to provide effective solutions to clients together Being available to clients going beyond temporary mandates to create customer delight and long-lasting relationships