easyAboard is designed to easy and save process time taken for onboarding and verification.

Digital onboarding

One Click Paperless Digital Onboarding platform, is a simple, easy to use and fastest application makes complete onboarding process automated. Easy and hassle-free API integration with any HRMS system, customizable as per the industry specific need.

Replaces human Effort

EasyAboard facilitates your HR right from onboarding to BGV completion with minimal effort, by automating the complete process. HR create a login for a candidate at the time offer, using which candidate can furnish his personal/educational/and employment details, and can upload relevant documents. Now without following up Employees, documents and information will be readily available for you to download before their joining. These documents once submitted by Employee will be analysed , errors and insufficiencies will be automatically taken care of and pushed for verification. This would save minimum 2 days of TAT.

Data storage

Fullscan Database Management System is designed to store and accommodate larger files with high responsive time. Now you don't have to download your Employee’s verified reports and store in your physical memory/server. We take responsibility to save employees Documents and verified reports. All the Documents/Records/Reports is be made available for clients to access anytime for next 3 years from case initiation date.

Realtime Tracking system

Fullscan’s easyAboard is embedded with Realtime tracking of every individual employees verification right from Logind Creation, documents submission, onboarding, to End BGV verification report Submission. And Fullscan takes responsibility to update you by sending periodical status reports for your internal reference. This again saves your time in preparing status reports.

Automated Followups

easyAboard designed to share timely status as well as followup reports of every individual verification initiated till the Final reports generated. Status reports and followup will be readily available on Dashboards for easy access.


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